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OmDeals™ caters to the health conscious consumer, who is committed to living and maintaining healthy mind, body and spirit at a discount!

OmDeals™ offers daily opportunities for vendors to showcase their business and to present their great deals to millions of consumers who are consciously spending.  OmDeals’™ business model is very competitive as unlike other Daily Deal websites, OmDeals™ only asks the vendors to drop their retail price by at least 30% and here is the perk: OmDeals™only charges their vendors a 30% commission, how much better does this get?!

We at OmDeals™ are all about creating loyal followers which will be achieved by offering your products and services at a reasonable discount not offering those huge discounts like the other daily deal sites.

A unique twist is that OmDeals™ is committed to giving back. 

Every month OmDeals™ will donate $1 of every sold deal to a different charity. 

OmDeals™ wants to offer a positive experience for both business owners as well as consumers. 
Due to the aggressive pricing structure, business owners will want to get featured on over and over again while consumers will love the daily ability to spend their dollars in a conscious way! 

OmDeals™ is set to become a household name in the healthy lifestyle community.

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